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Here at we are able to compare quotes from the UK's top franking machine suppliers, saving you up to 37%.

We want to ensure you get the best deal on your Franking Machine, and have unbeatable deals on rental, lease and machine purchase. Here are some of the benefits of comparing quotes with us:


Tailor made franking serviceOffering you the best machines that are tailored to sizes or your post, as well as the volume of postage you wish to send. Along with all the features and functions from security to user based access.

Promotional franking machinesA machine that is relevant to the kind of promotion or branding you require for your mail - Many of these Machines can be customized to custom print your business logo and other promotional text and images.

CostsMost importantly, a cost effective price to suit. We compare all top franking machine suppliers in one drastically cutting down the time it takes to find the best deal. Just fill in one form, and we do the rest!

Your Franking Machine will ultimately save your business time and money in the long run, as well as boost your professional reputability.


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Digital Franking Machines are often overlooked as a cost effecting time saving device for business.

I’m sure you yourself and or your office staff are bored of the prospect of spending time and money on your postage. Tired of putting stamps on their every bit of mail to go out. Or even worse lining up at the post office every day waiting for each item to be correctly weighed, priced and posted.

What Is a Franking Machine?

Basically, this digital post machine is a prepaid service linked directly to Royal Mail that give you the ability to print address details and stamps onto envelopes, saving you the hassle of standing in line and purchasing stamps at the post office.

In addition to quickly and easily addressing envelopes, these state-of-the-art products also contain built-in scales that measure the weight of the envelopes and give you the precise amount of mailing charge every time. Plus, thanks to the 24 hour support and online service you can top up your credit whenever you like, giving you the flexibility that you need.


Beyond Franking, an all in one mail service!

Nowadays franking is done using inkjet technology, and aside from this, further developments have been made in terms of the post technology used, as a new service by Pitney Bowes allows for label printing, which negates the need for an actual machine. The labels are created on eBay and available in a pack to be printed out once postage has been paid for online.


Features and Benefits of Postal Franking

Aside from the stamp of approval from Royal Mail, the main franking machines benefits include:

BenefitImprove and enhance the management of your company communication resulting in better services and product delivery.

BenefitMore professional mail to your members, customers and clients.

BenefitDelivery postal services to house, shop or any other address.

BenefitNo under stamping or over stamping resulting in additional costs or
surcharges to your clients.

BenefitInternational and national or domestic delivery.

BenefitFree pin code for added security.

BenefitNo penalty costs are incurred, as the equipment allows for an accurate account of credit to be paid.

BenefitPerfect for small to medium home businesses who require a low fee for postage.

BenefitThese tools are great production supplies for organizations and government groups.

BenefitFormation of correct business layouts.


Different Types of Mail Machines

There are a large variety of high quality franking machines available for purchase that comply with the highest standards, and give you effective and efficient postal options. You can choose from top brands like Neopost, Pitney Bowes, Franking Sense, FRAMA and more to unify your stationary and uncomplicated your life. There is a variety formatting options that these machines allow for, including letter, large letter and package formats.

Royal Mail Loves Franked Mail

That's right! According to the new price increases during April of 2012, the franking actually saves you 38% of postage fees. Royal Mail offered further discounts to franking machine users, making this method the top method for any business to make use of to send letters or other documentation to a large group of clients. Aside from the cost factor, Royal Mail also views franked mail as business mail and therefore you will experience fewer delays in the collection and retrieval of mail.

Top Functions


BenefitMost franking machines come with standard functions including a numbered keypad, and set software that allows you to enter the correct day, time & address.

Benefit As well as connect to the website for purchasing credit. You can also change the details for various items.

BenefitDurable, adjustable feeder section to feed mail envelopes to be printed.

BenefitAnother great function to have with the newest machines is the ability to mark your mail with your logo, or any advertising message.

BenefitYou can successfully launch a high effective marketing campaign for a new product or special offer, simply by inserting a small message at the bottom of your mail.

BenefitThese machines are also able to connect easily and be compatible with other devices including folding printers, form inserter's, printers, and more.

BenefitBuilt in scales weigh and automatically calculate the tariffs.

BenefitTrack your retrieved mails, order additional postage, and save your full postal itinerary online.

BenefitDeliver to multiple locations.

Other Postal Services and Tools

Franking HeroOne of the best software options that you can use in conjunction with your franking machine is Clear Prospects by Royal Mail. This online tool makes your data work for you by analyzing your current list, and correcting inaccuracies, thereby creating business opportunities and finding new customers to target your mail marketing campaign towards. In fact a contact list of around 5000 people can be cleared and ready to go in under 15 minutes!

Grow your product business and mailbase in no time!

What Do We Offer?

Here at, we understand just how important it is for your business to save money and increase productivity. In any business, whether you send regular customer mail or any type of company document, franking machines are the best option for safe, reliable, accurate, and easy mailing. But how do you find the perfect one to buy for your business? Well, this is where we come in!

We collect 3 comparative quotes for your business according to the volume of postage you require, the size of the envelopes you wish to send, as well as your preferences in terms of text size, design and layout including space for your company logo. Each product comes with the ability to insert a different address on each envelope, print your logo in your chosen position, and even use different color ink. We make it simple to manage your business mail.

What Do You Need to Do?

Just enter your contact details and requirements to become registered on our website, and our excellent system will search through 8 mail providers including pitney bowes and frama based on the latest data you need including features, models, price, and other information about the top franking machines that are appropriate for your business usage.

We will then find the top mailing machine solutions that compliment your business and send you the top 3 quotes for your reference and perusal. Same day service!

Access our comprehensive website to find out which franking machines will work for you and discover which tool you should order today!

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Extra Reading - History of Franking and Franking machines

This tool, originally called the Postage Stamp Affixing Machine, was invented in 1884 and first made use of a crank which had to be operated manually. The purpose was to alleviate the various issues that the post office was having with regards to security and reliable payment systems for postal services. Prior to 1660 a form of free mail was introduced primarily for official government documentation, a term called the Franking Privilege, whereby any Member of Parliament was able to pen his signature to the top of communications and get his mail franked or sent for free.

This led to a simple tool being developed that could allow signatures or stamps to be merely pressed onto envelopes instead of the sender having to do it by hand which was tiring and time consuming.

However, nowadays, this form of mail is no longer free, though still known as franking. This automatic envelope printing system is extremely popular and used to make sure that businesses or any public person wishing to send regular mails will get a complete, convenient mailing solution and pay a greatly reduced rate for postage.

Save time, save money, and make your business look more professional by choosing from top of the range smart postal franking machines that will automate your mailing process, giving you the best method for sending direct mail to clients in bulk with out the need for a stamp.

Frank your mail today!

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